Speakers for Good

Talks to support SMEs and Entrepreneurs

A series of 12 webinars featuring international experts and thought leaders, Speakers for Good provides a platform for SMEs and entrepreneurs to gain expert advice about business continuity and recovery through COVID-19 and beyond. The webinars will take place every week between April and July 2020. 

Our 'Why'

Now, more than ever, the SME and business community needs our support. SMEs are an important pillar of the UAE economy. They account for more than 94% of companies, 86% of the private sector workforce and 60% of the GDP in the country*.


*source: Dubai Statistic Center

Our Audience

Passionate, ambitious, and resilient entrepreneurs who are looking for sound advice and informed opinions on how to drive their businesses forward through COVID-19 and its aftermath. Dreamers who are not ready to give up on their vision and are keen to exchange perspectives, explore new ideas, and be part of a dynamic conversation.


Our Speakers

We are proud to include among our speakers’ several thought leaders, experienced professionals, published authors, and industry experts from around the world who believe in sharing their knowledge to solve business problems and support the SME community. 

We offer our speakers:

  1. One flyer about the webinar

  2. One SM post promoting the webinar on each of #InThisTogether2020’s 4 SM channels. Speakers will be tagged in every post. 

  3. One or two posts via Instagram and Facebook Stories during the week leading up to the webinar. 

  4. One SM post featuring content provided by the speakers. The content should relate to the key takeaways of the talk. The speakers will be tagged in this post.

  5. A LinkedIn recommendation for each speaker highlighting their talk for Speakers for Good.

  6. A video recording of the webinar that speakers can repurpose for content on their SM channels.

Our Ask
  1. To believe in our cause and support our initiative by helping us promote it.

  2. If possible, provide a high-resolution profile picture and bio of no more than 100 words once your participation is confirmed.

  3. Prepare a topic and send us an abstract at least 10 days before the webinar.

  4. Refrain from making a sales pitch during your talk.

  5. Share SM posts in which the speaker is tagged through our own channels.

  6. Attend at least one rehearsal.

  7. Submit the full presentation at least four days before the webinar.

  8. Be mindful of the region’s culture and sensibilities in your talk.  


Our Commitment

To establish a knowledge-sharing platform for the business community to share thoughtful insights, exchange ideas, and collaborate to create innovative solutions to weather current challenges and obstacles. 

Become a Speaker for Good

We're looking for thought leaders, professionals, authors and industry experts who believe in sharing knowledge. If this sounds like you, register below!