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Guidelines #InthisTogether - UAE Buddy

In this Together - UAE Buddy - is a UAE community-based group.

In this Together, accepts no responsibility for the content that is posted by individuals on the Facebook Group or Page.

  1. This group started as a platform to offer and receive help.

  2. We are a community of engaged individuals who are here to support, encourage, and be there for each other.

  3. We are all volunteers; please be kind even if we can't reply as fast as you need.

  4. Fill in the form as you join, so we can better understand if you need help, or you can offer support.

  5. All requests for help that we receive will be shared as "anonymous buddy request" unless the person requesting help wishes otherwise.

  6. Please be respectful to each other and abide by the group rules.

  7. At all times, follow the UAE laws.

  8. The language of this forum is English. We celebrate the multicultural mix living in UAE, but for a practical reason, we need a common language in all our interactions.

  9. This is a safe community to reach out for help, and every member has to make sure we keep it safe together.

  10. NO screenshot policy - no screenshot should be taken from the group; the requests for help that we receive should remain inside the group. If you feel that you know someone outside the group who should see a particular post, please discuss it with the ADMINS.

  11. You are free to share all the content of the Facebook Page

  12. The ADMINS reserve the right to remove from the Facebook Group and Forum, any member who doesn’t reflect the same values as the UAE Buddy community by not respecting the rules.

  13. If you offer any service that can benefit the community, and you wish to offer a live session in the Group for free, please connect with the ADMINS and we can happily give you access to the LIVE Feature.

Thank you for your Support.

Let’s make the World, a Kinder place TOGETHER

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