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Finding support and help: how your community can make a difference

We are all part of one or the other community, and now, in the era of digitalization, we belong to many more communities that are not only determined by the place where we live or work.

More often than none, we impact the different communities we are part of, in more ways than we can notice, and in return, these communities also influence and shape us.

Communities are essential at any given time, but their function becomes more critical during a crisis because when an emergency takes place, we need to feel the reassurance of belonging, and of a collective that is there for us and got our backs.

We are all humans, and the social component is inherent to what and who we are. For some of us, the idea of being socially distancing is harder than for others, but we all need social interaction to keep thriving, growing, and flourishing.

Physical distance" or "social distancing," doesn't have to translate into "emotional distancing." As a community, we can make a difference, by showing that we care, by expressing our sense of togetherness, beyond the conversations we have with those we know, but extending it to our way of being on Social Media.

As individuals, doing our bit is at the reach of our fingertips. Share positive news, be kind in your digital interactions, pay attention to what others are sharing, get involved in social movements, be aware of the impact of your digital footprint.

Remember, we can use technology and digital platforms for good. The decision is yours and mine.

We are #InThisTogether UAE

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