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We are In This Together 2020

#InThisTogetherUAE is a grassroots initiative, working as a CONNECTOR between people who NEED HELP with those who CAN HELP during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond. 

Our Message

We are in this together UAE and as one community, we want to make sure that nobody feels left behind.

We will get over this, and we'll grow more robust as a community by doing it together.

Learn more about and register for our buddy system

Learn more about hiring or getting hired

Resources to get the most out of homeschooling

Supporting the local economy


The companies giving back to the community

Share your knowledge and expertise

How you can help

Being Around

You can give support/check on others on the phone

Emergency Contact

Offer to be someone's emergency contact

Mental Health Support

If you are a mental health professional offering pro-bono services, you can make a world of difference to our community members

Walk a Dog/Pet Guardian

You can offer to walk a pet for a homebound neighbor or take care of a pet if the owner is admitted to the hospital

Shopping for a Neighbor

Some members suffer chronic conditions which makes them more vulnerable

Nobody Sleeps Hungry

All restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets are welcome to offer free meals in our channels


Experts are welcome to support families through proven tips and tricks to make the most of the homeschooling experience

Pro-Bono Services

Professionals are welcome to offer pro-bono services for SMEs they believe in


You may offer a service and receive another service in exchange

Mentor an SME

Subject matter experts are welcome to offer 3 hours of free mentorship to an SME (can be extended depending on the mentor)

Share Resources

Provide us with free-to-use resources that would be beneficial to the community

Speakers for Good

Professionals are welcome to conduct webinars to share their knowledge with the community

Latest News

Upcoming Events

For a full list of our events please visit our Eventbrite account.

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